Second Amendment Sports is no simple gun shop. Sure, we take great pride in our selection of firearms for sale, but we do so much more than just sell guns. When you step into one of the big-box stores you encounter just a faceless seller interested in nothing more than taking your cash and handing over a gun, but when you walk through these doors, you enter a fully-realized firearm marketplace where you can take advantage of a complete range of transactions including purchases, sales, trades, and transfers.

Three handguns in a row on a shelf

Buying a Gun

Shelf with two top rows of handguns and a rifle on bottom row

We’re thrilled to offer a uniquely extensive selection of the highest-quality firearms, and are constantly in search of new models to add to our lineup. We’re especially proud to be a master dealer for top brands Kimber and SIG Sauer, who provide us with exclusive products not available at your run-of-the-mill gun stores. In addition to premium brands like Les Baer, Ed Brown, STI International and others, we also stock more cost-effective utility options for the more casual firearm user. You have your choice of Hanguns, Shotguns, and Rifles, New or Used Guns, sport or self-defense, and any number of other categories to help you choose. And if you’re still having trouble deciding, you have the option to try before you buy—take any piece from our growing rental fleet into our Air-Conditioned Shooting Range for a test drive and see how it feels.

Selling a Gun

So you have a gun that you’re looking to sell. Online auctions can last weeks before you see any payoff, and you can’t know how much you’re getting before you make a deal. Pawn shops offer instant gratification but aren’t gun experts and rarely make fair offers. So maybe you want to make a deal today, get a fair price based on professional assessment, and know that your gun is going to responsible owners who’ll care for it and get good use out of it.

Bring it to Second Amendment Sports and experience our professional appraisal process. In our back room away from the shop floor, we’ll take you through the firearms value book and condition guide, assess what you’ve brought us and the shape it’s in, and make you an offer. If we make a deal, there’s no wait—we’ll get the paperwork done for you right there while you wait.

Revolver with a wood grip on a blank gun sales receipt

Trading a Gun

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Sometimes your old gun just doesn’t serve you the way it used to anymore. It’s not that you don’t like it anymore, it just no longer suits your needs. That long-range bolt-action rifle you bought for hunting in Montana might not get as much use now that you don’t visit there anymore, or maybe you’ve started hunting more lately instead of doing shooting competitions and need a piece to reflect that, or maybe you need a handgun now because you want a concealed-carry gun. Or maybe you just plain want to change things up—variety is what keeps life interesting after all.

We’ll take your piece in as currency against any purchase. No need to sell your gun one place and buy a replacement elsewhere—we simplify the process into a trade-in, like when you trade in your car for another. That way you can keep on enjoying your gun without the interruption while you look for a replacement.

Transferring a Gun

In the unlikely event that we don’t stock the gun you want and you find it elsewhere, we’ll still help get it in your hands and in your name. You just tell us where you found it, and we follow through right away so that you, our guest, can get your firearm in as easy as possible. We’ll contact that dealer, we’ll work it out with them, and we’ll get the paperwork done up the same as if you bought it from us, fast and simple.

$40 – Transfer Fee
$5 – Background Check

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Second Amendment Sports is a one-stop shop for all firearm-related needs for everyone from novice to expert. We aim to deliver a complete range of services to address your needs all in one place—and our aim is pretty good.

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