There’s something special about a well-used gun. Every hunting trip with your buddies, every competition you participate in, every shot taken, every near-miss, every bullseye, every hour poured into careful cleaning and maintenance—it all comes together to give your firearm more character than most new guns could hope to muster.

Because of our Gun Buying and Trading Services, we constantly have such examples of character passing through our doors. Whatever the owner’s reason for letting go, these firearms still have a lot to give and a long life ahead of them.

A used gun could give you options in your desired price range, or maybe something you haven’t seen catches your eye. The process with buying a used gun is the same. We go to just as great of lengths to give you the best deal possible.

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Quality Assurance

Because there’s no warranty on resold items, you may be concerned about the condition of a used piece. That’s why we have every gun in our used inventory checked, cleaned and maintained by our resident gunsmith.

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Utilizing years of gunsmithing experience, our on-site expert will take apart and examine every part of the gun, scrutinizing each piece to make sure that everything works. This inspection ensures that you know precisely the condition of the firearm you are purchasing and there are no surprises resulting from you not knowing how well the previous owner cared for their firearm. Once the gun has passed muster and received any necessary repairs, it joins the ranks of our collection where it, like all the others like it, receives regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it in the same condition as when it first arrived.

If you want a used gun with an even greater assurance as to its condition, we also offer certified pre-owned gun from multiple top brands. These are guns which have been fired before or found to have some defect (often cosmetic), but which have undergone close scrutiny during an inspection and grading process at the manufacturer’s factory. They’re often factory refurbished and include a certificate verifying their condition, with some brands like SIG Sauer and Glock even offering a one-year warranty on their refurbished and certified pre-owned guns.

We offer certified pre-owned guns from a number of top brands like Beretta, but our relationship as a Master Dealer for SIG Sauer guarantees us the best access to their certified pre-owned stock. SIG Sauer and Beretta both often buy back guns en masse from law enforcement departments that are upgrading. These firearms are often barely used, having been fired only a handful of times per year, so their value is comparable to that of a freshly-produced gun but they’re sold at appreciably discounted prices.

So if you want high quality at lower prices, maybe a pre-owned firearm is the right fit for you. With used guns constantly rotating through our inventory, our stock is always changing and there’s always something different available—and who knows, maybe someone is just about to bring us your dream gun.

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