For many years, a shotgun was a man’s livelihood. It put food on his table for him and his family, defended his land and his freedom, and kept him occupied by providing sport that both entertained and delivered returns in practical life. It was, by most measures, his single most important possession.

Today most of us don’t depend on it for our day-to-day survival in quite the same way anymore, and yet the shotgun continues to serve in its same roles in hunting, home defense, and sport. And regardless of which of these you have in mind when you set out to by a shotgun, Second Amendment Sports strives to provide options to fulfill any potential need.

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Shotguns for Every Situation

With one of the most vast selections of firearms in northern Illinois, Second Amendment has seen its fair share of shotguns. We’ve made it our goal to explore every quality brand in search of their top products, bringing together the best of every world under one roof, and we think we’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Our stock includes all of the classics that have been serving users for generations, with big names like Winchester and Mossberg prominently featured. These brands each offer a wide variety of models for every purpose, from tactical shotguns for defending your home to over-and-under shotguns for providing you an elegant hunting gun. And most importantly, all of these manufacturers have proven records of reliability and attention to detail.

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Browning, with its legendary century-and-a-half-long legacy of outstanding craftsmanship, offers some of the best values for shotguns.  Their various models include some the most tried-and-true examples of hunting and sporting shotguns, and are designed for distinct uses from skeet shooting to waterfowl hunting.

Beretta offers a similarly vast array of choices, which vary by form as well as function. Their products include semiautomatics, over-and-unders, and side-by-side models. They offer a shotgun well-suited for any purpose, including law enforcement, personal defense, waterfowl, upland uses, and clay target shooting.

Remington is another distinguished name, offering both classic and cutting-edge examples of both pump-action and autoloading shotguns. Their Model 870 has sold over 11,000,000 in over a half-century since its introduction and is the all-time best-selling shotgun of any action type or manufacturer. But Remington doesn’t rest on its laurels, and continues to put out forward-thinking designs. Lightweight, durable, and featuring their innovative Versaport gas system for loading and cycling, Remington’s V3 and others like it are solid general-use shotguns for users of every stripe.

Whether you want a handsome walnut-finished 12-gauge pump-action hunting shotgun, or a carbon-fiber semi-automatic tactical shotgun for personal defense, we cover all this and more with quality product lines from premium brands.

The broad selection of products, combined with the wide variety of possible roles that a shotgun may play in your life, means picking out the right shotgun can be a long and involved process. Our qualified and knowledgeable sales team is here to help you along, so that you find the shotgun best suited to your needs, whatever they may be.

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