A fine rifle is the classic symbol of the skilled marksman, honing their craft and securing them their livelihood. But not every rifle serves this purpose just as well. Picking out just the right rifle that best suits your particular needs can mean the difference between failure and success—whether to win you first place in a shooting competition or to take down that elusive 20-point buck.

A lot of care should go into choosing which rifle you call your own. Not only is a rifle an investment of both cash and time but, as you put in the effort to grow accustomed to operating this particular piece, the rifle you use will impact your shooting style and proficiency, influencing your experiences with future rifles to come.

At Second Amendment Sports, we help you find the rifle that pushes you in the best possible direction in developing your relationship with your firearm, based specifically on what sort of use you hope to get out of your gun, be it target practice, hunting, or home defense.

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An Diverse Selection

With one of the most expansive selections in the area, there’s plenty to choose from at Second Amendment.

Easily one of the brands of rifles we’re most proud to carry is Kimber. Founded with the aim of building the highest-quality sporting rifles available in America, Kimber has arguably come closer to achieving this lofty goal than almost any other gunmaker and has developed a reputation for excellence in its craftsmanship along the way. It’s difficult to find a brand that’s more well-regarded among riflemen, and for good reason. These high-performance rifles are a marvel of gunmaking and a beauty to behold: critical match grade dimensions for optimal accuracy, pillar and glass embedding for strength, and stocks made of fine walnut and Kevlar-carbon fiber.

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Normally, the limited production numbers and high demand make these rifles near-impossible to obtain, but you’re in luck—Second Amendment Sports is a certified Master Dealer for Kimber, meaning we’re a close partner who receives priority access to all their stock. Order through us, and you too can get your hands on their premium products exclusively sent to Master Dealers mere days out of the factory.

We’re also a Master Dealer for SIG Sauer, another world-renowned manufacturer. While known primarily for their handguns, their rifles are quickly gaining a reputation for innovative design and reliable craftsmanship, with three distinct lines servicing hunters, target shooters, and collectors.

Of course, even these two brands can’t service every individual’s needs alone, so we’ve got a whole host of other top brands on offer as well. We stock all the classics like Browning, Kimber, Winchester, Henry, Rusa, and many more but we also make available products more targeted toward particular niches. From the many modern sporting rifles made by Rock River Arms to the familiar Remington 700 series, we’ve got it all in every shape and size.

Every firing mechanism from bolt-action to gas operation, ever style from a classic wooden stock to a modern carbon-fiber stock with pistol grip, every caliber, every magazine shape, and every other variable covered.

If this seems like a lot to process, it’s because it is. Fortunately, you don’t have to sort through it all on your own. Our outstanding floor staff have years of training and experience under their belts and are here to guide you as you navigate our extensive inventory. Picking out your new rifle is an important decision—we appreciate that, and we’re here to help.

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