Few things in this world command the respect that a fine handgun does, and for good reason. A handgun captures all the power and precision of a well-crafted firearm and presents it in a compact and user-friendly form. In the hands of a capable marksman, a handgun is almost like a powerful extension of the body—as Bert, Sr. says, it’s an explosion you hold at the end of your arm.

For those very reasons, picking out a handgun for yourself can be an intimidating task. You’re not choosing something relatively inconsequential like a hairstyle or what you’ll have for breakfast, you’re deciding what the mechanism is that best serves you when you need to propel a bullet into a target, whether you’re competing for a prize or defending your life. And yet there are so many brands, styles, and variables to consider that it can be hard to know where to start.

Luckily for you, Second Amendment Sports has you covered. Our top-tier selection and knowledgeable sales staff come together to make shopping for the right handgun simple, painless, and even enjoyable.

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An Unbeatable Selection

Second Amendment Sports boasts one of the most extensive firearm inventories in northern Illinois, and you’d better believe that includes many of the best handguns on the market. Whether you’re in search of a practice pistol for the range or a pocket pistol for concealed carry, whether you want a revolver or an unusual caliber, we find the best in every category.

One of the most unique aspects of that inventory, and something we take great pride in, is that we are a certified Master Dealer for premium brands SIG Sauer, the more than 150-year-old German producer of such classics as the SIG Pro 2022, and Kimber, the American maker of some of the most well-crafted pistols in production today.

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As a Master Dealer, we enjoy a close relationship with these top manufacturers, meaning Second Amendment Sports gets exclusive access to models not found at regular dealers, direct training and informational materials to familiarize us with the product, and unrivaled availability of any guns of theirs. A shop that isn’t a Master Dealer sits at the bottom of the totem pole, and when you order through them you’re at the mercy of the distributor. But when we order direct from SIG or Kimber, your gun arrives mere days after leaving the factory and comes with premium product support. It’s a true partnership in every sense, and the benefits get passed along right to you.

Those are far from the only heavy-hitter handgun manufacturers we stock though. If a brand puts out a gun worth buying, we’re hunting it down. This includes household names like Colt and Beretta but also ones familiar more exclusively to gun enthusiasts, such as STI International, Texas-based producer of some of the best-constructed 1911 handguns out there and originator of the double-stack 2011 platform.

From the international giants that have built legacies on consistently delivering quality performance, to the innovators leading the way in developing cutting edge firearms, we seek out high-standard gunmakers you can trust.

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Second Amendment Sports is a one-stop shop for all firearm-related needs for everyone from novice to expert. We aim to deliver a complete range of services to address your needs all in one place—and our aim is pretty good.

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