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Developing and maintaining good marksmanship is a long-term undertaking, requiring regular practice and a lot of hours put in. And with all there is to love about our facilities, we won’t be surprised when Second Amendment Sports becomes the place where you want to put in those hours. That’s why we’ve set up our Gun Club Membership Program, with two tiers of membership to suit your needs.

Members are allotted pre-paid monthly or weekly range visits, extended time in the lane every visit, guest passes, discounted rates for additional shooters in the same lane, and advanced sale notices. You also receive access to our exclusive member lounge, where you can stow your guns in a locker, watch some TV, play some pool, and watch shooters in their lanes from the safety of a bulletproof window. Our Premium member receive additional benefits on top of all this, including advanced lane reservation, free annual ultrasonic gun cleaning, unlimited weekday visits, and more.

Gun Club Membership at Second Amendment Sports in McHenry, IL

Take a closer look at a breakdown of all our gun club membership features below and see if membership might be right for you. With the regular practice that comes with monthly gun range visits, soon you’ll be shooting like a pro.

List of Gun Club Membership Benfits at Second Amendment Sports in McHenry

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Second Amendment Sports is a one-stop shop for all firearm-related needs for everyone from novice to expert. We aim to deliver a complete range of services to address your needs all in one place—and our aim is pretty good.

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