6 Gifts Your Favorite Guns and Ammo Enthusiast Doesn’t Have Yet

Think Beyond Guns and Ammo—Wow Your Gun Lover With These Gift Ideas!

Halloween has passed, and November has barely gotten started, but already the Christmas carols are playing in stores like a daily reminder: the holidays are upon us—what gifts are you getting for your loved ones?

But if you have a gun lover on your list, it can be hard to think of fresh gift ideas every year. With our ever-growing collections of gear, it can seem like we’ve already got everything covered. What do you get someone who’s already put so much thought into being prepared?

So, putting aside the obvious ideas like guns and ammo and holsters, here are some potential gifts that the gun enthusiast in your life may not already have.

1.      NanoVault / SpeedVault Firearm Storage Units

Your gun-loving friend may have all the guns and ammo they need, but now that they’ve invested so much money in those guns, what if they’re stolen? Or destroyed in a fire? Or what if they have kids in the home? Having a secure place to put your guns is extremely important.Gift for Guns and Ammo Enthusiast

And few brands can compare in terms of security to Liberty safes. The Liberty Centurion 24 is one of our favorites. The door seals on these safes are rated for 30 minutes of fire resistance, and the safes are pry resistant, have an internal hardplate to protect the lock from drilling, and can come with an electronic lock for quick access. We’re proud to be a Liberty preferred dealer for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin!

But maybe your gun lover wants to keep quicker access to a firearm around the house, while still keeping it secure from theft or children. In that case, another option may be the Hornady RAPiD Safe. This small safe fits a variety of handguns, and can be opened with either a conventional key or with a no-touch adhesive sensor that can be attached to a wristband, keychain, phone, or any other object. These safes meet and exceed ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance, lock strength, drop/pick/saw tests, and hinge attack resistance, so a gun can safely be kept quickly accessible to the owner while still inaccessible to children or burglars.

Your gun lover will feel ready for anything with this setup!

2.      Optics and Other Accessories

Rather than get your gun enthusiast a new gun, why not help them get more enjoyment out of the guns they already have?

There are endless accessories out there for any given gun—new grips, new stocks, new magazines. But one accessory where you can never go wrong is a new scope.

One of our favorites right now is the Sig Romeo 4b, an LED-lit battery-powered scope with a wide range of settings, unlimited eye relief, and a motion activated illumination system that powers down after no motion is detected to preserve battery life. A scope like this will be sure to put a smile on any gun-lover’s face.

3.      Steel or Polymer Targets

Disposable paper targets may do the basic job of giving you something to aim at, but they sure aren’t satisfying to shoot. Why not give the gun enthusiast in your life a better way to enjoy some target practice?

These polymer targets from Do-All Outdoors are self-healing, many of them are bouncers that pop back up into position after each hit, and the bright orange or white color stands out against any background. The additional visual feedback will not only make it easier to see when you’ve hit the target, but it makes it more fun too—and they’re reusable!

If you have more of a budget at your disposal and the gun lover you’re shopping for does a lot of shooting, especially long-distance shooting, you might instead consider a steel target system. These are sturdy, long-lasting, easy to set up, and deliver a satisfying plink with every hit, so you always know whether you made your mark. No more walking up to the target after every shot to look for the point of entry!

4.      UpLula Magazine Loader

As anyone who shoots regularly knows, anything that reduces the amount of time you spend performing little maintenance tasks and frees up more time for shooting is a great help on the range.

That’s why maglula Ltd.’s MagLULA magazine loader is such a good buy.

This nifty little tool may be one of the best ways to save time at the shooting range and get more enjoyment out of your firearm. This military-grade loader makes reloading a snap for nearly all pistols from 9mm up to .45ACP, single- and double-stacks, 1911s of all manufacturers, and most .380ACP double-stack mags.

There are also models available specifically for rifles as well, so you should be able to find a high-quality loader for your gun lover no matter what their preferred firearm is. Less time tediously reloading will mean more time they get to enjoy themselves shooting, something they’re sure to appreciate.

5.      Online Certificate for an Out-of-State Concealed Carry Permit

A growing trend among gun owners with concealed carry permits is to apply for concealed carry permits from states outside their own. This allows them to concealed carry in other states, making it easier to stay safe while travelling.

One of the best ones to get is hands-down the Virginia Concealed Carry Permit—for non-residents, this permit is recognized in 29 states, granting the holder the ability to concealed carry in more than half the country.

The process is simple: just purchase your gun enthusiast one of these gift cards, and they’ll be able to redeem it to cover the application fees once they’ve completed Virginia’s online Concealed Carry Test.

Suddenly, they’ll be able to legally keep their firearm on them when travelling through much of the U.S. Forget guns and ammo—you’re giving them the gift of safety and freedom.

6.      Electronic Earmuffs

Maybe the gun lover you’re buying for already has all the shooting range essentials—the guns and ammo, the range bag, cleaning tools, eye and ear protection, etc. But while hearing protection is important, good protection often makes it hard to hear the person next to you.

Electronic earmuffs resolve this problem. They muffle noises above a certain decibel level, but amplify quieter noises. This means that gunshots and other noises with the potential to cause hearing damage are suppressed to protect the wearers’ ears, but conversation and other noises are clearly audible.

What this means is two things. For one, the wearer’s hearing is protected—and as we know, once your hearing starts to deteriorate, it’s never the same again. But since other sounds are still clear, the wearer retains situational awareness more than other shooters.

For many shooters, especially those whose hearing already isn’t the best, this makes shooting a much more social activity. They can chat up their buddies next to them and socialize while they shoot without having to shout to each other, wait for ceasefires, or risk hearing damage by removing their protection.

And it even has an MP3 input, so they can conveniently listen to their favorite music or podcast while they shoot if they aren’t feeling social.

Those are just a few ideas among the many options out there for great gifts you can get your favorite gun lover. For more, stop by Second Amendment Sports. We have one of the widest selections of gear, guns and ammo in McHenry, IL and the greater Chicago area. So give us a call at (815) 385-5522 or come on by, and we’ll happily help you pick out something special.

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