My dad has always been a handgun shooter. I went to the gun range with him when I was younger but I never liked it. The smell and noise were always too much for me and I was just never interested. I always knew I wanted to do a sport, though. I had tried a few › Read more
6 Gifts Your Favorite Guns and Ammo Enthusiast Doesn’t Have Yet
Think Beyond Guns and Ammo—Wow Your Gun Lover With These Gift Ideas! Halloween has passed, and November has barely gotten started, but already the Christmas carols are playing in stores like a daily reminder: the holidays are upon us—what gifts are you getting for your loved ones? But if you have a gun lover on › Read more
Our Gun Store’s Favorite this Duck Season: The Beretta A400 Xtreme
This Shotgun’s a Favorite in Our Gun Store—And This Duck Season It Might Be Yours, Too! With any hobby you’re passionate about, especially collecting something, you over time start to develop favorites. And here at Second Amendment Sports, one of our favorite brands we stock in our gun store has to be Beretta. So when › Read more
What to Do When Your Guns and Ammo Are Stolen
You’ve poured time and money into buying and caring for your firearms, spent countless hours practicing shooting and gun safety, and ready to defend yourself if you need to—you think you’re totally prepared. But what happens if that nightmare scenario strikes and your guns and ammo are stolen? You know as well as anyone else › Read more
How to Improve Long-Distance Shooting at the Rifle Range
We all love a good sniper story—a lone individual, roughing it in the environment, maintaining the mental self-discipline to stay sharp and alert in the face of enemy threats. It combines every type of conflict—man vs. nature, man vs. man, and man vs. self—all into one. But you don’t need to be a hardened military › Read more
Shoot for the Cure
Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Second Amendment Sports. SAS will donate $1.00 from each “Shoot for a Cure” target purchased in the month of October to Breast Cancer Awareness. Let’s wipe out Breast Cancer in our generation!! › Read more
What Essentials Should I Pack for the Shooting Range?
Every activity has its own set of gear that you need—whether your repairing a car, going to work an office job, playing a sport, or going to the beach, you’ll need a toolkit, briefcase, duffel bag, or other way to bring all the equipment you might need. Going to the shooting range is no different. › Read more
How to Practice Good Gun Range Etiquette
When someone near you is holding a gun, you obviously want to be sure they know what they’re doing. Likewise, there are few easier ways to make people around you nervous than handling a firearm irresponsibly. So it goes without saying that when people get together at the gun range and are all shooting guns › Read more
Remington’s R51 Handguns Are Back—Are They Worth It?
Everyone likes a good underdog story, and that’s why we’re excited about the prospect of a company trying out something new, facing setbacks, but dealing with them and coming back strong. And that’s exactly the story with the newest of Remington’s subcompact handguns, the second-generation Remington R51. The Remington R51 faced many issues in its › Read more
10 Tips for Safe Gun Handling
Shooting and hunting seem to be among the most dangerous activities. However, when the proper precautions are taken, they can be the safest sport of all. In order to ensure your safety as you learn about your gun, follow these 10 tips for safe gun handling. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction You › Read more
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