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Long before Second Amendment Sports was even an idea, Bert Irslinger Sr. and his son Bert Jr. were just gun collectors with a passion.

Whether it was a military piece, a cowboy classic, or a high-performance feat of modern gunmaking, the father-son duo were avid fans hunting down high-quality firearms of all kinds. They traveled the gun show circuit, exploring show after show in search of anything rare or that otherwise caught their eye. As their hobby grew, they started making more trips ever-further out of their home state of Illinois, and their collections flourished. But as they branched out to these other states, getting their purchases home grew increasingly difficult, often forcing them to have vendors send their guns to licensed third-party firearm importers back home rather than bring them back themselves. They needed a solution to streamline the process.

To cut out the middleman and much of the hassle, they applied for their own Federal Firearms License—an application which required them to open a gun store in McHenry stocked with product. They put out word that they did FFL transfers the like they did for themselves for others, but didn’t expect the response they got.

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Business picked up fast—though they never advertised, the founders’ passion and expertise shone through, and every time they expanded to better meet customers’ needs the demand kept pace and exceeded expectations. When clients offered firearms to trade, they started acquiring more used firearms. When the calls started coming in more frequently they hired staff and moved from appointment-only to regular hours. When all their product consistently sold out, they started ordering more and forming relationships with vendors to keep the cases stocked. When the customer base outgrew their storefront, they started looking for another location that could accommodate growing needs.

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Soon enough, the Second Amendment Sports Gun Store was an established presence in McHenry, Illinois. What had begun as a modest enterprise to service their own collections rapidly transformed into a professional, structured business. Berts Sr. and Jr. embraced this shift and the opportunity to better serve the gun community, building close relationships both with top manufacturers like SIG Sauer and Kimber (for whom we are registered Master Dealers) and with other local dealers.

But while Second Amendment Sports has now grown into a polished company with plans for still more expansion and a yet brighter future, the founders never initially set out with the objective of making money—they were simply enthusiasts who wanted to further their involvement in gun trading because it was what they loved.

It’s this love that drives the Second Amendment staff’s passion and dedication to their work. You won’t get this level of customer care, expert advice, and exacting standards for quality at any other gun store.

Gun Store in McHenry, Illinois

Meet Our Trained Experts

Brad Guth

Instructor & RSO

I have been fostering ownership, use, and training of firearms for over 30 years.  Starting as we all do, as a volunteer, I was a RO at CCKC Bristol, ending up with 2 terms on the Board. In order to further our mission, we formed Action Shooting Sports in 2008. Changing careers, I turned an avocation into a job. Currently——- here at Second Amendment, I continue to provide a path to firearms for sport, defense, or competition, and am a 20-year member of the ISRA, and started one of the first ISRA Grass Roots committee, State Line Rifle Asc.


I have also been a state licensed security contractor since 2007. A member of the International Law Enforcement Trainers Asc, (ILEETA), and an NRA certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor, and a Chief Range Safety Officer. As an Endowment NRA member and recruiter, I was honored to chair the Lake County FNRA for 12 years, am the outgoing Chief Range Safety Officer for Oak Park Sportsmans Club. Action Shooting Sports officiated 3 gun events at CCKC Bristol, the Site in Mt. Carroll IL (formerly The Hollow), Bass Pro and other venues.


I hold certifications for IL. Concealed Carry Instructor, and also for Utah. Other certs include Advanced Pistol I and II, Intro to Patrol Rifle, Trauma for Range Officers from Team Spartan Training LLC. I have also Certs as an IDPA Safety Officer, and SASS RO1. I am currently also a Range Officer for the North Shore Police Pistol League. I enjoy bringing new shooters into the great fraternity of firearms enthusiasts, and also enjoy helping experienced shooters advance their skills.

Johann Jonak

Instructor & RSO

I have been involved in the shooting sports for more than 30 years in many ways. First as a competition shooter taking many titles in the south and western parts of the country, then working in gun stores in Arkansas and Texas. I then got started in training mostly concealed carry and basic pistol which I did throughout the south specializing in personal protection. I then made a move back to Illinois to help my daughter and grand children and because Illinois was the last state to get CCW I was happy to come back home to train.

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Second Amendment Sports is a one-stop shop for all firearm-related needs for everyone from novice to expert. We aim to deliver a complete range of services to address your needs all in one place—and our aim is pretty good.

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