10 Tips for Safe Gun Handling

Shooting and hunting seem to be among the most dangerous activities. However, when the proper precautions are taken, they can be the safest sport of all. In order to ensure your safety as you learn about your gun, follow these 10 tips for safe gun handling.

  1. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

You should never point your firearm at something you do not intend to shoot. This includes the time while you are loading and unloading the gun.

While shooting you should consider the possibility of any ricochets and be aware that bullets can penetrate the walls and ceilings.

  1. Keep gun unloaded while not in use

Your gun should be immediately unloaded when you are done using it. Never leave a gun loaded if it is not in your care.

You should also never assume a gun is unloaded when you pick it up. You should always check before handling the firearm.

Infographic of 10 Tips for Gun Safety

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  1. Do not rely on the gun’s “safety”

A gun is a mechanical device and can misfire. You should never assume that the gun will not shoot just because the safety is on. Be cautious when handling but do keep the safety turned on until you are ready to shoot.

  1. Be aware of what is around your target

Be sure to carefully check the surroundings of your target before firing. Certain firearms can launch a bullet a few miles away. Take into account that if you miss your target you will hit something in the surrounding area. No target is so important that you can’t take the time to check the surroundings.

  1. Use correct ammunition

Read your gun’s manual and be certain that you are using the correct ammunition. Using incorrect ammunition can damage or destroy the gun and severely injure the shooter and bystanders.

  1. Wear eye and ear protection

Eye and ear protection is vital when shooting especially when at an indoor shooting range. Exposure to the loud clatter of shooting can severely damage hearing.

Eye-wear will guard the eyes from any flying debris like twigs, clay target chips and shell casings. It will also help protect the shooter in the rare case of firearm malfunction.

  1. Be sure that the barrel is clear before shooting

Always check the gun to be sure it is good clean and clear condition before use. Even a small amount of excess oil can lead to increased pressures inside the gun causing the barrel to burst when fired. This is very dangerous and can cause serious injuries.

  1. Do not alter your gun

Firearms are designed and built by a team of experts. Any modifications made could make it very dangerous to handle. If service is needed, call a professional. Do not try to fix it yourself.

  1. Have gun serviced regularly

Keep in mind that your gun is a mechanical device which requires periodic inspection. Check with the manufacturer of your firearm for recommended servicing. Like we stated before, do not attempt to service the gun on you own.

  1. Get to know your firearm before use

Each firearm has specific and unique methods of carrying and handling. Be sure to read through the manual and familiarize yourself with the firearm thoroughly before using. Even if you believe you are quite experienced there is always the chance that you are not familiar with this particular gun. You will only put yourself and your bystanders in danger.

If you have any questions or concerns as you get to know your firearm, give Second Amendment Sports a call. We are here to help our fellow shooters to acquire the proper gun safety knowledge they need to make the most out of their shooting experiences.

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